Dec. 16, 2020

Easy Holiday Apple Recipe Guide

For many of us, there is one thing that reigns ultra-important during the holidays: FOOD! There is so much more than just the dinner spread to eat throughout the day. We adore apples implemented in recipes this time of year, especially Autumn Glory apples! While there's a special place in our hearts for EVERY apple variety we grow, Autumn Glory is the perfect apple for the holidays! Autumn Glory's natural caramel and cinnamon flavor notes give many dishes the ideal Christmas spice flavor. Below are what we feel are the must-have recipes this season!

Scrumptious Snack (perfect for pre-Christmas activity)

Autumn Glory Caramel Apple Pops

These caramel apple pops are ideal for kiddos with sweet teeth who need a distraction during winter break! Sprinkle with whatever toppings you desire! Nuts, candy, granola, sprinkles, crumbled cookies.... the possibilities are endless!

Recipe created by Nosh and Nourish.

Start the day off right

Apple Breakfast Casserole

On Christmas day, many of us forget to plan for breakfast. Leading to starvation complaints WAY before dinner is out of the oven. This apple breakfast casserole is simple, feeds a crowd, and won’t be too heavy to start the holly jolly day. It’s topped with Autumn Glory and can be made vegan.

Recipe created by Nosh and Nourish.

Show stopping Hors d'oeuvre

Vegan Granny Smith Flat Bread

This flatbread will stand out as the lone non-Autumn Glory recipe in this roundup! The vibrant green of Granny Smith apples brings holiday cheer, and their tart flavor complements the herby cheese, sweet and spicy mustard sauce, and chickpea crust.

Recipe created by Nosh and Nourish.

An ideal Side

Autumn Glory Apple Salad

There are so many ways to enjoy Autumn Glory as a salad topping. We have enjoyed countless delicious variations of Autumn Glory salads, and this one is equally (if not more) yummy! This one is special because it is also paired with a vinaigrette made using Autumn Glory apple juice and the fresh slice topping.

Recipe created my Murielle Banackissa.

Devine Dessert

Mini Apple Hand Pies

What better way to enjoy apple pie than with your hand pie!? These tiny pockets of cozy flavor are perfect for snack-sized treats or an easy-to-serve dessert! Autumn Glory's cinnamon and caramel notes make it the ideal apple to be paired with the ginger, cinnamon, and pumpkin spices in this recipe.

Recipe created by Azure Farm.

Cozy Cocktail

Apple Chai Hot Toddy

This time last year, we rounded up some of our all-time favorite drinks for the season, both with and without alcohol. Check it out here! However, this recipe takes the cake this year! You can't go wrong with this one with the option to be a creamy spiced chai in the morning and a spiked hot toddy in the evening!

Recipe created by My Diary of Us.

Can’t forget cookies for Santa!

Autumn Glory Apple Crumble Cookies

As the star of holiday baking, there is no better apple to incorporate into Santa’s cookies than Autumn Glory! These apple crumble cookies are chewy and delicious, with the perfect cinnamon sugar coating to complete the treat. Santa will love them so much he’ll be begging for the recipe!

Recipe created by Eat Pretty Darling.