Sustainability is at the core of Domex Superfresh Growers®, from environmental stewardship and resource management, to material and warehouse management. We are stewards of the land, cultivating our orchards to be a biodiverse system that works in synchronization with nature. 

Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is a critical tool for managing harmful insects by measuring and monitoring the population densities and life cycles of both harmful and beneficial insects. This ensures beneficial insects, like honey bees, ladybugs, and spiders, flourish and help with pollination and the reduction of pests that damage crops and reduce yields.

Resource management

Resource management is key to being good stewards of the land, and to ensure our legacy continues to future generations.  The Superfresh Growers orchards are nurtured by the fresh mountain water of the Cascade Mountains. Using proprietary technology, we closely monitor weather, crop stage, and soil moisture using highly sensitive instruments. We apply only the amount of water needed, carefully monitoring irrigation application and ground water purity to eliminate runoff.

Healthy soil

Healthy soil is vital to the proper nutrition and growth of our fruit. Extensive soil sampling is conducted to determine our crop nutrient needs. We precisely balance fertilizer applications with crop load and tree growth to maximize yield and reduce inputs. By using slow-release nitrogen to feed the trees as water is applied, we reduce the number of trips through the field, using less fuel and reducing our carbon foot print.

Material management

Material management is key to Superfresh Growers sustainability. We source packaging that is compliant with the Sustainable Forest Initiative and the American Forestry and Paper Association certifications. Packaging produced in compliance with these programs is sourced responsibly with a dedicated focus on recycled materials. All corrugated boxes we use contain at least 40% recycled fibers. Our rigid plastic containers, commonly called clamshells, are made from 70% recycled plastic drink bottles. By creating strategic partnerships with vendors, we source packaging in the most efficient manner, decreasing fuel consumption.

Efficient logistics

Efficient logistics is important to sustainability. Domex Superfresh Growers proprietary logistical software, The Grid™, provides real-time truck loading information, reducing trips between warehouses, saving time and increasing fuel efficiency.
As farmers, we work hard to eliminate food waste. Every apple, pear, cherry and apricot we harvest is used, either fresh or as ingredients in every day food products.