Oct. 10, 2018

Orchard Update Episode 44

Autumn Glory® apple harvest has begun, and with it come the unique flavors that consumers all of the world enjoy season after season. This is a crop Superfresh Growers® has been anticipating all year, and the flavor is exceptional.

“It is exciting,” exclaims Dave Gleason, Horticulturist and Proprietary Variety Developer. “All year long we’ve been watching this fruit grow, watching it apple by apple. We have been protecting it and giving it the water and nutrients it needs. And now we get to put it in the bin, and into the system that will present the apple to you!”

Exclusively grown by Superfresh Growers, Autumn Glory apple was chosen for its unique caramel and cinnamon notes, exceptional juice and crunch. The apple is grower friendly, making it easy to grow organically, as well as conventionally. Autumn Glory also stores and ships well. “And ultimately,” Gleason describes, “Autumn Glory is an apple that you want to come back and eat!” As a consumer favorite, Autumn Glory is continually sought out for its unique “autumn-like” flavors that are its namesake.

Superfresh Growers is proud to hold the exclusive worldwide rights to grow and market the Autumn Glory apple, which has a sweet, firm flesh and is known for subtle notes of caramel and cinnamon.