Oct. 02, 2023

Exceptional Quality Expected for 2023 Autumn Glory Apples

Autumn Glory Demand Exceeds Supply as New Crop Season Begins

Superfresh Growers is thrilled to announce an exceptional outlook for its exclusive Autumn Glory® apple harvest in 2023. This year's Autumn Glory crop promises to deliver outstanding quality and an abundance of these fall-flavored apples thanks to meticulous care and ideal growing conditions.

Demand for Autumn Glory exceeds supply, and the company anticipates selling out quickly. With sales growing by 28% and pounds increasing by 21% in the past 52 weeks, Autumn Glory continues to impress in the marketplace. It was among 11 branded varieties in the top 20 apples and enjoyed higher dollar percent growth than all apples except Cosmic Crisp®.

Superfresh Growers anticipates that Autumn Glory apple quality will be extraordinary, featuring beautiful colors and exceptionally satisfying flavors. Ideal weather conditions in May have set the stage for excellence. Intense bloom and perfect pollinating weather during this crucial period have laid the foundation for a high-quality Autumn Glory harvest.

"Mother Nature, along with hard work and execution on our farms, has set the stage for what we believe will be the best season for Autumn Glory yet," describes Conner O'Malley, President. "We are seeing record-setting quality with immaculate fruit, in addition to a slightly extended selling window compared to previous seasons."

Flavor remains a top priority for Autumn Glory's success. Autumn Glory's natural caramel and cinnamon notes make it a standout choice for consumers, with an impressive 96% expressing an intent to purchase after tasting it.

Farm Manager, Armando Escareno, harvesting Autumn Glory apples

“This is an epic year for Autumn Glory apples! Every year, we carefully follow the development of the unique flavors of our Autumn Glory apples,” explains Dave Gleason, Horticulturist and proprietary Variety Developer. “Beginning in mid-August, our Autumn Glory team begins to taste apples in our many different blocks. The fruit slowly transitions from green with hints of special nuances to beautiful red and yellow colored gifts of juicy Autumn Glory sweetness. We impatiently wait to harvest the Autumn Glory at its pinnacle of flavors each season. 2023 is the best Autumn Glory year yet. If you have not tasted them yet, you must! Like me, you will find that it also becomes your favorite apple.”

In anticipation of the upcoming 2023 to 2024 crop season, Superfresh Growers is thrilled to witness the rapid demand for November promotions. The volume is selling at an unprecedented pace, and they encourage contacting your dedicated Superfresh representative to secure your supply of Autumn Glory apples and explore the various marketing support options available. As the exclusive growers and marketers of Autumn Glory, Superfresh Growers is committed to delivering exceptional quality and taste, and they are excited to continue their success in the upcoming season.