Oct. 09, 2017

Autumn Glory Apple, Ham & Cheese Stack

Yield: 3 apple stacks

This Autumn Glory® Apple Stack is easy, tasty, and great for the whole family! Layers of ham, cheese and apple make a “sandwich” without the bread. Whether you are treating yourself to a healthy low-carb lunch, or making a quick after-school snack, this Apple Stack will quickly become a favorite. The smoky notes of the Black Forest ham match the caramel-sweet notes of the Autumn Glory so well!


  • 3 Autumn Glory apples
  • 1 orange
  • 6 slices ham, we suggest Black Forest ham
  • 9 slices aged white cheddar cheese


Juice the orange, and pour juice into a bowl. Core and slice the Autumn Glory apples into ¼” thick slices. Each Autumn Glory Apple Stack uses four slices, so set-aside the ones that are most similar in size. There will be extra slices left, which are great to use for snacking or dipping into your favorite nut butter. Immediately dip the slices in the orange juice to prevent browning.

Place the first apple slice down on a plate, and stack with ham, cheese, another apple slice. Add another layer of ham, cheese and an apple slice. For the top layer, use just one slice of cheese and finish with the top of the apple. Repeat for the other two stacks.

Recipe created by BazaarLazarr for Domex Superfresh Growers

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