Jun. 13, 2024

Superfresh Growers Kicks Off 2024 Blueberry Season

Superfresh Growers® is buzzing with excitement as we kick off another bountiful blueberry season with our trusted partners at Norris Farms! Tucked away in the stunning Umpqua Valley of southwestern Oregon, Norris Farms boasts around 1,000 acres of top-notch blueberries and kiwi berries. This season, we're set to bring you the finest quality you’ve come to expect from both our conventional and organic blueberries.

Norris Farms is famous for its premium quality and rigorous standards, all thanks to their meticulous handpicking process. Every berry is picked with care, ensuring only the best makes it to your table. Ellie Norris shares, “The fruit set looks great this year. There’s been a great combination of intermittent warm and cool days with periodic rains. Pollination was more successful than in previous years as well. We’re very excited about how early some of our fields have ripened and plan to start harvesting earlier than usual. We’re set to have a very successful season.”

The unique climate and fertile soil of the Umpqua Valley work together to produce blueberries that are both delicious and nutritious. And with a world-class packing facility, Norris Farms ensures each berry retains its peak freshness and flavor from farm to table.

Ryan Cleary, our Director of Blueberry Sales, couldn’t be more excited about this season. “We take great pride in our partnership with the Norris family,” he says. “The Oregon fresh crop forecast is up 145% this year. Quality is off the charts at Norris Farms, and we’re ready to hit the ground running with both conventional and organic blueberries. Our production in Washington will follow shortly after Oregon, ensuring we have a promotable crop all summer long.”

We look forward to continuing our tradition of excellence and innovation and instilling confidence in our customers as we celebrate the start of the Pacific Northwest blueberry season.