Jan. 17, 2024

Cultivating Change: Episode 1

Most of us only think of the end results but rarely of what it took to get there. In this new journey, we want to showcase the amazing hurdles that our growers go through to fill your table with fresh fruits.

In our first episode of “Cultivating Change," we show an orchard's reverting process.

Every year, at the end of harvest, growers assess the trees' health. They must be mindful of the age of our trees, how healthy they are, and how viable the apple is; all of these factors help in making the executive decision to tear down a block. Although it is not always an easy decision, it is necessary.

Some orchards can last for generations, but others do lose their intended purpose of producing first-class apples within a few years. So, just like Dave Gleason said, we have to dismantle the whole system. We tear down the trees, grind them up, and convert them to compost that’s added back into the soil to help our future trees bloom.

So, in a way, I guess we are still benefitting from the trees that were here 100 years ago as this wonderful cycle continues.

Join us in discovering what it takes to have a fruitful orchard!