Apr. 19, 2024

Anticipating Longest and Largest Cherry Season in the PNW

Superfresh Growers is buzzing with excitement as they gear up for the upcoming cherry season, set to be the longest and largest in the Pacific Northwest region. With cherries expected to be available as early as late May and extending into August, consumers can eagerly anticipate an extended period of enjoying these deliciously nutritious fruits.

Superfresh Growers has vast geographical diversity, spanning from the Canadian border down to Hood River, Oregon. This diversity creates an ideal environment for cherry cultivation and helps protect the fruit from Mother Nature's often ill-timed "curveballs.' The company leverages this natural advantage to produce cherries of exceptional quality, flavor, and freshness. The company's orchards, strategically located across a diverse region, benefit from varying microclimates and soil conditions, contributing to the unique characteristics of each cherry variety.

Last year's addition of our third state-of-the-art cherry facility further enhances Superfresh Growers' ability to deliver the freshest cherries to retailers and consumers alike. All three advanced packing facilities are equipped with cutting-edge technology, ensuring that cherries are handled with care throughout the packing process and onto the trucks. From rigorous quality checks to efficient packaging processes, every step is optimized to uphold the high standards Superfresh Growers sets for itself.

"Superfresh Growers is proud to uphold our position as the Northwest's longest and largest cherry crop for the past two seasons. Anticipate nothing less as we gear up for another successful harvest," said Destiny Nash, Cherry Sales Lead. "The addition of the third packing line last year optimized our turn-around times from orchard to retail partners. With a notable 30% increase in production capabilities, we are poised for continued growth and success."

As the cherry season approaches, consumers can anticipate a harvest characterized by vibrant colors, firmness, and unmatched taste. From classic dark sweet cherries to Rainier, and organic and Super Cherry® (jumbo) versions, Superfresh Growers' cherry lineup promises a delightful assortment catering to every preference.

Stay tuned for a fruitful season ahead.