Jun. 06, 2018

Orchard Update: Episode 42

Cherry season has finally started for Superfresh Growers®, with early districts in Central Washington beginning this week. Superfresh Growers joins Dave Gleason, Chief Horticulturist, in one of these early blocks on a quiet morning.

Gleason looks out to Mt. Adams in the distance and contemplates the morning. “The air is fresh, clean, and clear. This is my favorite time to be around the trees; it feels good. It’s a quiet time, and you can almost hear the fruit on the trees growing,” he explains. Spring has been good to the Superfresh orchards, and fruit quality is good. Warmer spring temperatures prevented frost, creating good quality, size, and shape for the Northwest cherry crop.

Ready to pick cherries at a Superfresh orchard in Mattawa, WA

Looking ahead to the fall harvest, an excellent-looking apple crop is underway. Due to pruning, good orchard practices, and warmer springs, Superfresh Growers expect more giant-sized apples than last year. It will be an excellent crop for bulk promotions. The earlier apple and pear varieties will begin harvest in August.

Apricots are not far from harvest, with expectations to start in mid-June.

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Young gala apples in a Superfresh orchard near Yakima, WA