Mar. 25, 2020

National Farmworker Awareness Week

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Today marks the 2020 beginning of National Farmworker Awareness Week. Each year, the farming industry takes the last week of March to recognize the contributions made by farmworkers. We want to acknowledge our Superfresh Growers® farmworker teammates during these next seven days. Our farmworkers work year-round to harvest every delicious piece of fruit we grow, picking for quality and flavor.

There is an art to picking fruit in a manner that ensures fruit quality and tree health. Knowing which apples and pears to choose and which ones to leave on the tree to ripen further takes particular skill. Our pickers carefully harvest fruit while protecting the tree and next year’s crop. Next year’s fruit is already on the tree in a spur, which carries the apple and buds for the following crop.

Part of the art of growing delicious tree fruit is farming for light. Sunshine is vital to increasing the amount of delicious and big pieces of fruit. Farmworkers spend the winter and spring months pruning trees, creating space for the upcoming crop, and ensuring enough light will come through the branches.

Also, farmworkers plant new trees in the spring and build the infrastructure to support their growth. Poles and wires are installed to keep the baby trees, and irrigation lines are installed to ensure the proper application of water and nutrients.

We greatly value our farmworkers who tirelessly work to harvest the freshest and best quality fruit. From planting and irrigating to pruning and nurturing and finally harvesting the fruit, every farmworker is The Force Behind Fresh™ that powers Superfresh Growers.