Mar. 05, 2019

Autumn Glory: January Data Demonstrate that Customers Love to Experience Fall All Year

Recently released scan data proves that customers like to Experience Fall All Year® by purchasing Autumn Glory® apple, an exclusive variety from Superfresh Growers®. 

In January, Autumn Glory apple’s national sales growth was off the charts, doubling in sales and leading all top-20 apple varieties in growth percentage. Sales dollars increased 83% and pounds increased by 103%! By comparison, only one other proprietary apple variety had a sales increase, of 8%, in January. Other proprietary apples experienced a decrease in both sales and volume. This is based on IRI FreshLook™ data for the four weeks ending January 27, 2019.

“With sales like this, and the amazing consumer feedback we are receiving, Autumn Glory is a rising star that needs to be in everyone’s lineup,” says Mike Preacher, Director of Marketing. “These numbers prove what we have known for years, that Autumn Glory apple’s flavors -- spice with hints of caramel – attract customers year-round by reminding them of their favorite season for eating fresh apples right off the tree. Autumn Glory apple evokes harvest-season sentiments that are ingrained in us all.”

If Autumn Glory is not in your category lineup, contact your Superfresh Growers representative to add it soon! “Retailers have learned that their best results come from carrying the apple from our October harvest into winter, and all the way through the summer. Autumn Glory is truly the apple for ALL seasons. With appropriate displays and merchandising, you will be rewarded with excited consumers who are falling in love with this apple,” says Preacher.

Superfresh Growers is a leading apple, pear, cherry, and apricot grower in the Pacific Northwest. They pride themselves on being category management experts. For questions regarding category data, reach out to your Superfresh Growers representative today.