Jan. 10, 2019

Orchard Update Episode 45

Happy New Year from all of us at Superfresh Growers®. It’s the start of 2019 and Dave Gleason and our orchard teams are already laying the groundwork for fall harvest. In our most recent Orchard Update, Gleason discusses managing the upcoming crop and how we prune each tree to make sure they get the most of even sunlight. We call it “farming the light.”

The Superfresh team members are examining the winter-dormant trees with a mind on setting a strong apple crop. Gleason says we’re always trying to balance the light. Each bud has the potential to become an apple, so it’s important that tree quality is the same from top to bottom.

At times the limbs break or they’re not as strong and the tree wants to fill in those spaces. They do this by putting up new shoots which closes off light. Therefore, the team is constantly evaluating tree structure and studying the buds, and with proper pruning techniques, we can make adjustments ensuring there’s a balance of light.

Gleason says, “We’re farmers of light, as light gives us the color, and increases flavor on the apples.” It’s important that light is evenly distributed to guarantee fruit quality from top to bottom. Performing this function now is our first effort in putting apples where we want them on the tree.

Farming is truly a year-round activity!