Mar. 26, 2018

Superfresh Organics Apple Promotions for Earth Day

Earth Day is around the corner and is our yearly reminder to slow down and appreciate the earth's bounty. Superfresh Organics™ are grown in the heartland of Washington State, where hot days and cool nights create the ideal environment for crunchy, juicy, and organically grown apples. Retailers can convert Earth Day, April 22, into Earth Month this year by promoting Superfresh Organic apples. 2018 was a record year for Washington State organic apples, which will be promotable into the summer months.

The organic apple category continues to increase as the demand for more organic produce grows. In 2017, organic apples ranked as the second highest organic fruit in dollar and volume share, up 4% vs. the previous year in dollars and up 13% in volume vs. last year. Organic apples represent 21% of the organic fruit category's dollar and volume share.

Superfresh Organics™ Gala orchard

Superfresh Growers Washington-grown apples are available through the spring and into the early summer months. Superfresh Organics Fuji and Gala abound, with Granny Smith, Cameo, Red Delicious, Gold Delicious, Pink Lady®, Braeburn, Honeycrisp, and Autumn Glory® included in their offerings.

Superfresh Organics are available in both pouch bag and bulk options.

At Superfresh Growers®, “we believe that caring for the land, air, and water in our little corner of the world affects everyone. Superfresh Organics naturally fits into our orchard and growing system, and we are pleased to offer many Northwest-grown organic varieties nearly year-round. We cultivate our orchards to be a biodiverse system that works in synchronization with nature. One of our most important tools for delivering fresh organic fruit is Integrated Pest Management (IPM) to manage harmful pests. Using IPM protocols, we ensure beneficial insects, such as honey bees, ladybugs, and spiders, have a rich environment to flourish and nurture our orchard environment. Superfresh growing practices allow us to cultivate fruit that our consumers can enjoy for generations,” explains Communications Manager Catherine Gipe-Stewart.

Past Organic Granny Smith harvest

Supporting domestically grown organic apples appeals to the local shopper looking for the freshest and cleanest produce. Buying domestically ensures the highest standards of organics are met.

They seek marketing material and social media kits to support Earth Day organic programs. Superfresh Growers offers content kits featuring recipes, photos, and more. Contact your local Superfresh Growers representative for more information and to begin setting up April Earth Day and Earth Month ads.