Apr. 13, 2018

Cinco de Mayo Promotions for Early May

Cinco de Mayo festivities are on the horizon, and Superfresh Growers® is targeting Granny Smith apples as a popular promotional item. Granny Smith is one of America’s favorite apples, maintaining the #4 placement in top apple varieties.

Granny Smith apples continue to stay on trend, as they are the most talked about apple in digital media. Nothing compares to this bright green tart variety that eats well out of hand and works great in salsas, salads, and pies. Granny Smith apples are most popular within Millennial and Hispanic communities, which both trend toward the tarter-spectrum of apples. Sprinkling Tajín on sliced Granny Smith apples are a popular snack for all ages. They are also ideal for juicing.

Granny Smith apples represent 11% of the apple category in dollar share and volume (IRI data through 2/25/18). They continue to remain #4 in both organic and conventional dollar shares. Granny Smith rose in average price/lb for January to $1.53 for traditional and $1.77 for organic, providing solid retail sales. Sixty percent of Granny Smith's sales are in bulk, and 40% are in bags. Granny Smith resonates well across all demographics and households and is a produce staple.

Creating large bulk displays draws attention to Granny Smith apples' bright green, festive color. Attract shoppers to Cinco de Mayo promotions by placing them near the cash registers and front of the store. Cross merchandise with Tajín for a popular snack. Merchandising opportunities include traditional in-store placement, putting ads next to each other, and suggesting pairing the two. Cross-promotional ads create kitchen inspiration by offering an eating occasion.

Whether bag, bulk, organic, or conventional, Superfresh Growers has multiple Granny Smith options for seasonal promotions. Reach out to your Superfresh Growers sales representative to set up Granny Smith's apple ads for the upcoming season.

The Superfresh Growers marketing team has multiple content and recipe kits to inspire during Cinco de Mayo, including Pear Margaritas with Tajin Rim and Honeycrisp Salsa Fish Tacos. The latter recipe features a Honeycrisp Watermelon salsa that stands up well. It was created by Shannon Feltus, a chef featured on Food Network; for more information on content kits, reach out to your Superfresh representative.