Apr. 08, 2024

Orchard Update Apr 2024

Today, we're exploring the enchanting world of cherry blossoms and the busy bees buzzing around Washington State. As cherry flowers bloom, we get a sneak peek into the upcoming cherry season and begin to imagine the delicious deep red cherries that grow in our orchards.

Cherry crops thrive in various environments, especially in the Pacific Northwest’s diverse landscapes, from the southern regions to the cooler north, spanning various elevations and slopes. This diversity grants Superfresh Growers the longest cherry season in the Pacific Northwest, from late spring to early fall.

Our hardworking bee friends play a crucial role in pollinating cherry flowers, laying the groundwork for a plentiful harvest of fresh cherries. In around 60 days, we'll start seeing the fruits of their labor.

Bees tirelessly carry pollen on their legs and bodies, a trait developed through evolution for effective pollination. They collect pollen to feed their larvae and themselves. While foraging for food, bees unintentionally transfer pollen between flowers, facilitating the vital pollination process for plant reproduction.

This combined mechanism of pollen collection and transfer is crucial for pollination in ecosystems and agriculture, as it promotes plant reproduction and biodiversity.

Follow along as we eagerly prepare for the cherry season, from irrigation setup to admiring cherry blossoms. We can't wait to share our fresh cherries with everyone. It's an exciting time for us!