Aug. 12, 2021

Superfresh Growers honors 2021 WAEF Scholarship recipients

Last week, Superfresh Growers® attended the Washington Apple Education Foundation (WAEF) scholarship luncheon, where local students receiving scholarships through the program, including our five recipients, were honored. Superfresh Growers awards over $25,000 per year in scholarships to college students. The Superfresh Growers Kershaw Companies Scholarships are available to employees and their children, renewable for up to four years of undergraduate studies. The scholarship is available each year to one additional student.

This year, our recipients are Adilene Badillo Hernandez, a college senior; Nicholas Jacoby, a college sophomore; Giovanni Perez, a college sophomore; and Denilson Antonio, our 2021 recipient and current-year graduate from A.C. Davis High School. In addition, Superfresh Growers sponsors a fifth scholarship, the Brian Kershaw Memorial Scholarship, which was awarded to Carli Short in 2019 and has been continued annually.

Three of our scholarship recipients were able to attend the in person luncheon on August 2nd. From left to right, Adilene Badillo Hernandez and her mother Maria Badillo, Carli Short and her father Jay Short, and Denilson Antonio.

Our college senior, fourth-year scholarship recipient, and Superfresh Growers Sales Assistant, Adilene, shares how thankful she is to have been given this opportunity; “I’m super excited to have reached my final year at Central Washington University. I couldn’t have done it without the support from my friends, family, and the Superfresh Growers team. It makes it even more special to me knowing I am working alongside my donors and this great company”.

Each year, the WAEF luncheon brings together students, donors, parents, volunteers, and supporters to celebrate industry philanthropy and its impacts on young people's lives. In addition to the convention center luncheon, many could attend the event virtually. At this year’s luncheon, WAEF was able to honor over 330 tree fruit industry scholarship recipients, as well as recognize the recent graduates from 2020 and 2021. At the luncheon, two recent graduate speakers could share their experiences as WAEF scholarship recipients and communicate how WAEF changed their lives with current students. Overall, the afternoon was filled with donations, gratitude, and celebration!

Superfresh Growers congratulates Adilene, Nicholas, Giovanni, Denilson, and Carli as they continue their journeys through higher education!