Feb. 02, 2024

Promoting Employee Well-being Through a Holistic Approach

In today's fast-paced corporate world, pursuing success often leaves employees struggling to balance their work and personal lives. However, Superfresh Growers is paving the way for a more harmonious and fulfilling work experience. Our mission goes beyond just profits and productivity. We are committed to ensuring that our employees maintain a healthy work-life balance and keep their bodies nourished and active, all thanks to the unique offering of an on-campus gym, boot camp classes, and our Yakima Greenway trail where employees can go on runs, walks, and bike rides in the sunnier days of the year.

At Superfresh Growers, we understand that our most valuable asset is our employees, and fostering a productive and happy workforce is important. That’s why we have focused not only on our professional growth but also on our physical and mental health, and have listened to their needs and wants that relate to their personal growth.

In 2016, a few forward-thinking employees at Superfresh took the initiative to turn an unused packing line into a makeshift gym, sparking a wellness revolution within the company. It all started modestly, with one employee bringing in a bench press from home. Inspired by this initial step, another employee added a squat rack to the collection, followed by a third who contributed adjustable weights. This grassroots movement caught the attention of Superfresh Growers' CEO, Robert Kershaw, who recognized the profound impact this initiative had on team morale and well-being.

Moved by the dedication of his employees to their health and fitness, Kershaw made the visionary decision to officially convert the old packing line into the fully equipped, modern gym space that Superfresh employees enjoy today. The company not only invested in top-of-the-line gym equipment, but also hired a contractor to renovate the unused space into a professional gym, demonstrating a deep commitment to supporting employee wellness and work-life balance.

As 2020 unfolded, the unprecedented challenges of COVID-19 forced the closure of both in-person operations and the trainer-led classes at our gym; it was a time of uncertainty and adaptation for everyone. Amidst this, Ben, our Production/Inventory Manager, unknowingly became a guiding light of resilience and community spirit. With an inventive spirit, he initiated impromptu boot camp classes at the nearby Yakima Greenway Park. Starting out with just his determination and a set of dumbbells during lunch breaks, Ben's solo workouts soon inspired a growing number of colleagues to join him, creating a vibrant outdoor fitness community during a time of social distancing and isolation.

This community-based fitness movement, born out of necessity and camaraderie, continued to thrive until we were able to reopen safely. Ben's unwitting leadership and selflessness during those challenging times left a lasting impression on both the employees and the company leadership. In recognition of his initiative and the strong sense of community he fostered, the decision was made to honor his contributions in a very special way. The gym, once a symbol of individual fitness goals, was renamed "Ben's Gym," serving as a lasting tribute to the spirit of unity, health, and resilience he embodied. Through this gesture, Superfresh not only celebrated Ben's leadership but also reaffirmed its commitment to fostering a supportive and healthy workplace culture, one that we continue to pursue as it provides convenient workouts, stress reduction, and social interaction for all employees.

Convenient Workouts

Employees can easily fit workouts into their schedule, whether it’s before work, during lunch, where we offer boot camp classes led by a trainer, or after hours. This accessibility removes common barriers to regular exercise and encourages everyone to stay active.

Improved Health/ Stress Reduction

Regular exercise has been shown to reduce stress and improve mental well-being. Superfresh recognizes the importance of mental health and provides a space where employees can de-stress and rejuvenate, as exercise can boost your mood and increase energy levels, concentration, and alertness.

Social Interaction

Our gym fosters a sense of community among employees. Whether through group fitness classes or casual conversations in the gym, it encourages social interaction across departments, enhancing the overall work environment.