Dec. 20, 2023

2023 Employee Of The Year, Nichole Bower

Naming the Employee of the Year has been a cherished tradition since 2003 for the Superfresh family, with the announcement eagerly anticipated and often accompanied by tears of joy.

This year’s employee recognition goes out to Nichole Bower, Controller, since May 2006.

Superfresh Growers’ CEO, Robert Kershaw, started his speech by asking the room, “Who here thinks about oxygen and how thankful they are for it? Please raise your hand.” Only a handful raised their hand and stated that they did, every once in a while, deliberately think about oxygen and how it helps them stay alive. We think they were joking.

“I will say that sometimes people who are consistently high performers do not get noticed, much like gravity and oxygen, we don’t notice it, and we should appreciate it.”- said Robert. “I am pleased about this person getting this award because it is about time gravity got noticed,”- he continued.

In her true element, Nichole poses with her Employee of the Year trophy.

Nichole shared Robert's point of view. In a short interview, she expressed surprise and gratitude upon receiving the award. The accounting department is not usually recognized, and only the people one interacts with daily tend to notice their hard work. Being acknowledged by the entire company for her behind-the-scenes efforts was a humbling experience that brought tears to her eyes.

Nichole obtained her Business Accounting certification from Trend Business College in Yakima. The college offered a 9-month program to help students achieve their certificate in a shorter time than usual. However, Nichole's determination and hard work paid off, and she managed to get certified in just five months! This achievement is a testament to her dedication and drive to succeed.

She is described as very animated, a picky eater, and a big lobster Mac and Cheese fan. People say she would be a heck of a private detective if she weren't such an extraordinary accountant. Her family members said her spirit animal would have to be a Chihuahua or a finger monkey, and anyone else who has met Nichole would agree with those statements!

Congratulations, Nichole!