Feb. 16, 2024

Mardi Gras Pear Returns!

The Mardi Gras™ pear is back and ready to take center stage in the kitchen and dining tables around the nation. First hitting the scene in the spring of 2023, the Mardi Gras pear is all about those juicy bites, perfectly balanced with a smooth, buttery finish.

According to Cat Gipe-Stewart, the Marketing Director at Superfresh Growers®, "The Mardi Gras pear is what I think of as pinnacle pear taste. It has the consistent juicy, succulent, and moreish flavor that I seek out when enjoying a pear. We are excited to once again offer this exquisite and unique pear variety to consumers."

Last season, the Mardi Gras pear won over consumers with its classic pear taste presented in a fresh variety for US consumers. Its roots trace back to Europe's favorite, the Conference pear, which makes up a whopping 53% of EU pear production, steadily rising in demand and affirming its dominance in the market.

Mardi Gras Pear, renowned for its joyful mix of flavors and confetti-like russet, is a true statement of nature’s artistry. As the winter chill gives way to the warmth of spring, the Mardi Gras Pear comes into season, offering a perfect blend of sweetness, juiciness, and a burst of vibrant hues. This pear gives the season's spirit with a distinct appearance of vivid green and gold russet.

“In this week of Mardi Gras celebrations, we will celebrating with the Mardi Gras pear. The holiday is a time of celebrating good food, good people and good music. We are excited to “Celebrate the Sweetness™ of life, and of this joyful holiday with our exclusive pear,” describes Gipe-Stewart.

As the largest pear grower in the Pacific Northwest, Superfresh Growers is thrilled to offer this exclusive variety to excite both current and prospective pear shoppers. Reach out to your Superfresh account representative for more information and let the festivities begin!