Feb. 09, 2022

Autumn Glory Consumer Demand Grows

Autumn Glory® apple is so delicious and unique in flavor that consumers are stockpiling supply. Consumer Adrienne B. wrote that she “stocked up almost to the point of hoarding… I think I will die without Autumn Glory apples in my life.” Another consumer, Phoebe F., wrote, “Definitely do not pass up on ordering these apples. Perfectly crunchy, sweet, hint of cinnamon and brown sugar … and it turns out healthy for you!” Whether the feedback is as extreme as Adrienne's or a love letter like Phoebe’s, consumer feedback has been off the charts for quality and flavor.

Nielsen data agrees, showing Autumn Glory was up 34% in volume against a category that was down -2%. “Autumn Glory apple offers a unique eating experience with cinnamon and caramel notes that transport the consumer to the nostalgia of fall,” explains Cat Gipe-Stewart, Communications Manager. “Consumer studies show flavor is the top reason for repeat purchases, and Autumn Glory is loaded with flavor.”

Superfresh Growers proprietary apple Autumn Glory® continued its multiple-year growth trajectory in December, outpacing other emerging and mature varieties. Nielsen data shows it is increasing 38% in sales and 34% in volume, with retail up 3% to $1.65/lb.

Inflation continues to affect the Apple category and the whole store. Apple dollar sales were up 9%, but volume was down -2%. Part of this disparity between dollars and volume is attributable to solid demand for a reduced supply of North American apples. Despite category volume being down, Autumn Glory demand is rising nationwide.

Superfresh Growers is 5th generation family-owned based in the Pacific Northwest. They hold exclusive worldwide rights to Autumn Glory® apple.