May. 31, 2019

April Sales on Par Thanks to Summer “Workhorse” Core Varieties & Organics

As summer approaches, Superfresh Growers® dissects retail scan data, keeping a finger on the pulse of the apple and pear categories. April data show that core varieties and organics lifted the apple category, which has been trending downward over 52 weeks, to a level on par with April 2018. April pears sales were slightly down compared to last year, and the usual “big 3” varieties carried most of the sales load.

Core apple varieties propped up the category both organically and conventionally. Honeycrisp apple sales continue to rise, up 4.3% to $82.6 million, placing it as number one for sales. Gala, however, reigns in volume and continues to carry the apple category as 28% of total apple volume. Gala sales were up 4.3%, though volume was down -4.5%. Average price per pound increased 9.3% to $1.36 per pound. Fuji, Granny Smith, and Red Delicious round out the top five.

Superfresh Growers is proud to report their summer apple program includes the core varieties mentioned above, and is one-hundred percent American grown apples, all from their Central Washington State orchards. “Supporting American farmers and the American Dream of living and working in the United States is a point we are proud of,” explains Catherine Gipe-Stewart, Communications Manager. “We have a great supply of American-grown apples to last us through summer right up to new crop harvest.”

The organic apple category was the shining star during April. Organic dollars (+8.6%) and volume (+8.7%) both rose in April, likely due to Earth Day promotions. The organic average price per pound was flat at    -0.1% to $2.19. Total apple sales, however, were flat at 0.4%, and volume was down -5.5%. The average price per pound rose 6.3% to $1.74.

Autumn Glory® apple, the exclusive apple from Superfresh Growers, continued to deliver strong sales and year-over-year growth to the apple category. Sales were up 39.9%, and volume up 43.8%. The average price per pound was one of the category leaders at a solid $1.96 per pound. “Autumn Glory fans have been happy to see our season continue to lengthen as volume grows. Shoppers can find Autumn Glory nationwide and enjoy sharing their excitement of finding this treasure on social media,” explains Gipe-Stewart.

Pear sales were flat in April. Total pear dollars were down -0.6%, and volume decreased -0.7%. Anjou pears increased 2.8% in sales with the average price per pound rising 3.1% to $1.54. Organic pears dropped in both sales (-6.7%) and volume (-8.4%).

“Superfresh Growers is excited to have American grown apples and pears for our summer program. As multi-generational American farmers, we understand supporting our local farmers is essential to our economy, and we are proud to grow the best apples and pears in the world. For us, growing pears and apples are a way of life. We are honored to be stewards of our land, ensuring we have legacy to pass on to future generations. We are proud to be innovators on farming, food safety, and quality,” boasts Gipe-Stewart.

Superfresh Growers has core apple and pear varieties through the summer months. They are a leading grower & shipper of both conventional & organic apples, pears, blueberries, cherries & apricots from the Pacific Northwest. Superfresh Growers is a vertically integrated organization specializing in farming, warehousing, sales, marketing & logistics.

This information is based on IRI Freshlook® data in regards to the last four weeks, ending April 21, 2019.