Jul. 02, 2019

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Superfresh Growers proudly announces Aaron Arndt as the 2015 Employee of the Year. Aaron is the Production Manager of our Low Road Warehouse and oversees all aspects of the production line, from sorting, packing, and bagging to sanitation and quality control. He thoroughly enjoys his role of efficiently continuing the apple's journey from orchard to market, to be both rewarding and inspiring.

Aaron has been part of Superfresh Growers since 2012 but hasn't always seen himself working in the fruit industry. Growing up on a Central Washington hobby farm of apples, pears, and cherries, Aaron spent his youth helping his parents by stapling tags on fruit bins, bringing pickers lunch, and handing out paychecks. After high school, Aaron took a step away from fruit to pursue his passion for sports and graduated in 2003 from Washington State University with a degree in Sports Management. He was the assistant general manager for the minor league Yakima Bears baseball team from 2004 to 2011. When the Bears moved to a new city, Aaron decided to stay in his hometown, near family. His decision and timing could not have been better; Kershaw Fruit was building a new production plant, and they needed someone with Aaron's talents.

Aaron now runs a team of over 120 employees, packing the best quality boxes and delivering the best returns for Kershaw's growers while maintaining a safe and delicious product for consumers. "Aaron is an example for everyone that hard work, passion, intelligence, and leadership will trump experience every time," says Superfresh Growers CEO Robert Kershaw. Aaron is the type of person we look for at Superfresh Growers." In 2015, Aaron implemented a new food safety and sanitation program, bringing us to a new level as food safety leaders in the fruit industry. Under Aaron's management, our Low Road warehouse broke historical company records this year by packing over 150,000 fruit bins.