Jun. 24, 2024

Orchard Update June 2024

Sixty days have passed since we saw our cherry blossoms and we’re here to share the excitement of the sweet cherry harvest. The time has come to pick these delectable fruits! The sweet cherry harvest is always a highly anticipated time of the year, filled with eagerness and excitement. Once the cherries are picked, concerns about field challenges like insects, diseases, and unpredictable weather fade away.

This year, the harvest faced some windy days and cooler temperatures, which spread out the process. Despite these delays, the cherries' size, quality, and flavor have turned out to be exceptional. Our cherry harvest is set to continue longer than usual, extending into the first weeks of September.

In addition to the bustling cherry harvest, we are also diligently preparing our apple trees by adjusting the crop loads through a process called thinning. This crucial task involves spacing the apples on the trees to ensure they receive adequate nutrients, allowing them to develop optimal color, size, and flavor. Overcrowding on the branches can hinder their growth and impact both taste and appearance, so careful thinning is essential for producing top-quality apples.