Feb. 14, 2020

Northwest Pear Crop Remains Steady

Superfresh Growers is pleased with the recent pace of the Northwest pear movement. We are positioned to have pears well into summer and Green Anjou pears up to the new crop pear season. Superfresh Growers projects have Bosc pears available into April, supporting spring promotions.

Anjou and Bosc pears are in good supply, moving similarly to the 2017-18 crop. A steady supply of Green Anjou and Bosc will support ads. There are also opportunities for markets that perform well on lower-grade pears. “We are enjoying a good supply of Anjou pears up to the new crop pear season. There will not be a need to buy outside of the US, as domestic supply is healthy,” describes Catherine Gipe-Stewart, Communications Manager.

“We are experiencing good overall quality, but most notably, flavor and juiciness are delicious,” describes Gipe-Stewart. “Sizing is medium to large this year, though there are plenty of promotional opportunities for bulk and bagged pears.”

Superfresh Growers is the largest organic pear supplier in the Northwest. “Organic pear demand continues to grow, as organic pear dollars are up 6.6% and organic pear volume is up 9.6% year-over-year (Nielsen data, last 52 weeks ending 1/25/2020),” says Gipe-Stewart.