Blueberries are jam-packed with intense sweet-tart flavors; each is bursting with healthy nutrients that brighten your day!

A Growing Partnership

Superfresh Growers has partnered with Norris Farms to provide the world with high quality early-season blueberries. Nestled in the pristine Umpqua Valley in Southern Oregon, Norris Farms has been growing and packing blueberries for multiple generations. Learn more.

We're excited to offer Conventional, Organic, and Jumbo Blueberries!

Half of our blueberry crop is organic, and we’ve got more than our fair share of Jumbo berries. All of them are firm and full of flavor!

An Ideal Climate

The mild, dry climate in Southern Oregon's Umpqua Valley is ideal for growing delicious, large, high quality blueberries.