Food safety is our top priority on our farms and packing facilities. We have stringent growing and packaging guidelines in place that ensure we produce safe, healthy fruit. In the orchard, these are called Good Agricultural Practices (GAP’s), and in the packaging facilities, we call these Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP’s). We also employ HACCP-certified quality assurance teams that pay special attention to potential trouble spots throughout the production chain.

All of our food safety practices are audited by globally recognized 3rd party certification bodies, including:


Traceability and transparency are significant factors in our food safety program. This includes record-keeping on harvest, packing, shipping, and product arrival. Each of our warehouses has written Trace/Recall procedures in place, and we regularly conduct recall drills.

Wash Your Fruit

We hear certain bits of wisdom throughout our lives; "Don’t run with scissors" and "Always wash your hands before you eat" are two examples. We have some more advice for you, "wash your fruit."

Wash produce with large amounts of cold or warm tap water, and scrub with a brush when appropriate; do not use soap.

Washing fresh produce before eating is a healthful habit. The Federal Food and Drug Administration says: tree, adjusting the crop where needed to ensure we get the best size and color at harvest time.